THURSDAY NIGHT     (Starts in Nov)

7.15 pm   $10   Dress mufti

Names to be submitted to Club by 6pm

New players welcome. Bowls available.

Try the game and have some fun!

Weekly Events Season 2019-20

12.30pm   $10   Dress mufti

MON    Nominated Triples 

​WED    Single Entry 2 Bowl Triples

         Details below

Wednesdays - new Triples competition 

 Commencing Wed 4 September we are running a new

Triples competition.

This will be a single competition, rather than a nominated event.

Sheets for the next 3 weeks will be available on each day.

We will play 2 games of 13 ends, starting 12.30pm, with a short

break for afternoon tea. Prizes will be given for winner and

runner up teams, based on the 2 games played each day.

Scores will be kept and at the end of December and again at

the end of April, aggregate prizes will be awarded.

Points will be allocated for each day as follows:

For attendance on the day                     1 point

For being in a winning team                   2 points

For being in the runner up team           1 point

For further info:  Ron McFarlane  0408 933 798


111 Cooper St

Essendon VIC  3040


T: 9379 5818

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